Pink Lady

Hello everyone,

As I might have predicted, I had a hard time getting up this morning, but to be fair so did she…

Ellie is my wonderful corgi, who is nine years old, but looks like she is 9 months old.  She never quite grew to full size and I may be biased but I think she is quite adorable! (sorry the pic is blurry…working on my photo skills!)


Anyways, I thought tonight I’d introduce you to my obsession with pink…It started at a young age and I will choose pink as an option whenever possible.  Some examples:

My lunchbox courtesy of my wonderful bf:


My camelbak water bottle I can’t live without! (the walkie is a preview of my job, more info to come)



My car air freshener (again courtesy of the bf…he knows my pink obsession well)



There is much more where that came from, but pink is my favorite color and I am not afraid to show it!

Enjoy your evenings…tomorrow I will fill you in on my first date with the elliptical in quite some time : )



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