Hope everyone had a wonderful day ❤  Today at work I started dreaming of pinteresting things…which led to boyfriend and I making dinner and dessert for us and my parents.  I LOVE Pinterest.  For a while I was just pinning a million things and never trying anything…but lately when we decide to cook we turn to Pinterest first.  

Our first recipe was Three Cheese Mac & Cheese (which can be found here: and the three cheeses were sharp cheddar, goat cheese and parmesan reggiano.


It was a fairly complicated recipe, in terms of timing everything right, but somehow we managed to get everything done without any screw-ups!  To start the sauce, you simmer half and half, onions and garlic.  Then you add in the three cheese, 2 tbsp’s of sour cream, lemon zest and thyme.  Once the mac and cheese is combined, you put it in a cast-iron skillet and bake for 25 min at 400 degrees.  We used a skillet that boyfriend recently cleaned up and seasoned (a topic for another post!).  It was pretty delicious, I would definitely make it again!



Mmmm and if that wasn’t enough, we were on to dessert!



Basically, this is cookie dough without the egg, making it completely safe to eat and extremely delicious.  It is called “Monster Cookie Dough Dip” and you can find the recipe here:  (

Simply combine all the ingredients with a hand-mixer, or in your kitchen aid…



then let it chill a bit in the fridge if you can wait : )  And voila!  The final results are amahzing!



We didn’t even take the time to put it in a separate bowl, it was that good.  Seriously.  We scooped it up with graham crackers, although the recipe says that pretzels work well too.  It makes a TON.  This would be a great party idea!


Enjoy your evenings, it’s almost Friday!!


What is your favorite pinterest find?


2 thoughts on “Pinteresting

  1. That cookie dough was ballin, simply put “best pinterest dessert ive ever tried!” Glad i took home most of the leftover. If that was in front of me while watching a game- consider it done-zo

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