Happy February!

Happy Friday and Happy February!  I don’t know about you but January usually feels like a very long month…and this year it seemed to fly by!  Feb is a fun month because it’s short, it means winter is starting to move along, I love Valentine’s day and it’s boyfriends bday month ❤  Today I’m at my internship and I started my day off with a Caramel  Nut Crunch Iced Coffee from one of my favorite spots….yes I’m one of those people who drinks iced coffee year round.  I also brought in a little touch of pink to brighten things up (there may or may not be Reeses hearts hidden inside….)


This is an exciting weekend.  My brother and sister are home for the night from college and tomorrow night I’m off to Portland, ME.  There will be some re-caps next week for sure.  I hope you all have some wonderful plans for the weekend!  Enjoy ❤


Do you drink coffee regularly?  And if so, iced or hot?!


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