Phantom Feature: Barking Dog Ale House

A few years ago, I went to the Phantom Gourmet Food Festival and fell in love.  For about $40 per person, you get entry into the festival and can sample as many foods as you want from the various vendors.  They have everything from popcorn, to lobster mac & cheese, to whoopie pies.  IT. IS. DELICIOUS.  They have a big beer tent set up in the middle (not included) and you can really make a whole day out of it.  This peaked my interest in Phantom Gourmet approved restaurants and I’ve been trying as many as I can ever since. For Christmas, I got the bf the Phantom Gourmet Guide to local restaurants:



Tonight, my Dad, sister & I decided to grab a quick dinner at the Barking Dog Ale House in downtown Haverhill.  This restaurant opened up a few months ago and is actually the combination of two different restaurants, the Barking Dog & the Ale House, both of which are located in Amesbury, MA.  



They have a pretty extensive beer menu and I always panic when I have to choose!



I decided to go with the Cisco IPA



I think it was the right choice, I loved it and would definitely try it again.  Last time I tried the Ithaca Flower Power and liked that as well.  Maybe I’m an IPA girl?



The next choice to make was what to eat for dinner…this was a no-brainer.  I love their BLT’s.  They are served on a delicious pita bread and it is my go to choice here.




I’m glad I chose it.  They were a little skimpy with the fries but it was definitely plenty of food and the beer paired nicely.  I also stole a bite of my sister’s mac & cheese which was quite yummy.



I clearly took a few bites before I took this picture, I couldn’t wait!  There was an excessive amount of lettuce, I swear I’m not that messy of an eater!


I will be featuring lots of Phantom eats on here, in fact we are hoping to hit up three on our Portland mini-vaca.  We are also going to the Allagash Brewery in the afternoon and I can’t wait!  


What is your favorite kind of beer?




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