East Ender

Our first meal in Portland started out as a bit of a fail…but it ended up working out wonderfully!  Our initial plan was to go to David’s Restaurant in Portland for lunch.  We parked, walked all the way there and found out they were only open for dinner!  We were bummed but pulled out the Phantom Guide to see if we could find anything else nearby.  We decided to go to a famous sandwich joint called Duck Fat….but the wait was over an hour and we were on a time crunch to get to our Allagash Brewery tour.  We decided to go to the restaurant next door, East Ender, and were a little hesitant until a woman outside told us we would not be disappointed.


I decided to forego a beverage because I was still working on an ice coffee, but the bf couldn’t resist their PBR pounder.


Image(Again please excuse my photo quality for the time being, I’m working on it!)

I decided to go with the caramelized onion, goat cheese and bacon pizza.



I LOVE goat cheese and will often order something simply because it is an ingredient…I’m not a fan of raw onions, but I do like when they are caramelized.  The bacon on the pizza was perfectly cooked and crispy.  It was pretty amazing!




Overall, we had a great experience and I would definitely recommend trying it out!  They had a pretty extensive beer list & I would definitely try something next time.  Next re-cap will be our Allagash Brewery tour.  Stay warm ❤



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