Panini Love

The bf and I really love to cook dinner. We usually turn to pinterest for inspiration and like to try something new…but paninis are something we’ve made several times. You can change up flavor combos and of course we turned to pinterest to make our decision. I found a combination with pineapple, pesto, proscuitto and fresh mozzarealla….I was immediately sold. We usually make two different kinds and our second choice was bbq chicken and pepper jack cheese.

 This bbq sauce was delicious
We put together our sandwiches and prepped them for the panini press!
They look delicious before, but they look much better after they cook!
The pineapple, prosciutto and pesto combo was SO GOOD. I would definitely try it again.
krups panini maker
We used this Krups Panini maker and it works so well!  Let it pre-heat, then put the sandwiches on for 8-10 minutes or until the cheese looks melted and bubbly, then enjoy!  They cook fast and the clean-up is really simple too
I can’t wait to make these again and come up with even more fun flavor ideas.
What is your favorite panini flavor?

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