Allagash Brewery

Our second activity in Portland was an Allagash Brewery tour.  I wasn’t sure how the set-up was going to be but it worked out really well. 

ImageWe started things off with the tasting.  We were able to try four different beers and they gave you a fairly big pour so that you could really get a feel for what you were drinking.  The guy leading the tasting was full of knowledge and gave us an in-depth description of each beer, how it was named and how it was made.

ImageWe started with the Allagash White, the only Allagash beer I had ever tasted!  It is very refreshing and I really like drinking it in the summer.  Eighty-percent of the beer brewed at Allagash is the Allagash White.

ImageNext up was the Allagash Grand Cru which is spiced with corriander.

ImageI really enjoyed this one and it went down very smoothly.  I could see it pairing with a lot of foods but I think it would be delicious with some homemade pizza.

ImageNext up was Interlude!  It is named after the break that is taken during it’s brew time.  It is made with two different strands of yeast.  Check out the bar counter with corks in it…may be doing a project like this in the future.  Already have an Allagash cork saved, ready to go.

ImageWe finished up with the Allagash Curieux which is a bourbon barrel-aged tripel.


After the tasting, our guide took us on a tour of the brewery and showed us all of the equipment while explaining how the brew process occurred.  We ended in the barrel room which was pretty neat!  I learned a lot although I wish I remembered more.  It was really fun and worth the trip.

ImageWe bought another one to try before dinner and enjoyed that as well!  I would definitely recommend this brewery tour…I’ve been to others in the past that were much more crowded and didn’t give you much information about the beers themselves.  Allagash was informative and gave you some generous samples : )

For those dealing with the snow storm right now, stay safe and warm!

P.S. You will have to continually bear with me, I am current using mostly cell phone pics, but I will try to use my camera more!  



One thought on “Allagash Brewery

  1. Ive done a few brewery tours and this one is close to tops. No offense to Magic Hat but this tour is like a hundred times better

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