Vacation Savings

Just popping in for a quick hello, happy Friday!! I don’t know about you…but I’m always planning my next vacation in my head. Last summer I was able to go on an amazing all-inclusive trip to Costa Rica.





Most recently, a weekend away in Portland, ME. Rather than a big trip this summer we may be doing a few more local weekend trips so I’m already brainstorming ideas for that. I had been struggling to find a way to save for my vacation last summer when I came across a genius idea! (I am trying to remember the source). This works best if you primarily use cash to purchase things…but the idea is to save every single $5 bill that comes your way!


I follwed this religiously and saved almost $500 in about 3-4 months. For our most recent weekend away, there was no “out of pocket” cost because I had saved up enough using this method to cover things. It is a relatively painless way to save and you’ll be surprised at how fast it adds up! Happy savings : )


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