Cheese Please!

Today me and my bestie Gwen went to a cooking class at Stonewall Kitchen in York, ME.  It was so much fun!!


You literally felt like you were on a cooking show.  We were sitting three rows back so we watched a lot of the demonstration on a monitor but you could see everything & were still pretty close.  It was definitely an interactive presentation and you could ask questions about any point.


The woman who ran it was really cute and shared lots of tips & tricks with us that made it much more interesting.  The first course she made was truffle mac & cheese.  It. was. amahzing.  Super cheesy and rich…I love mac & cheese.


One fun part of the class is that you can order wine, beer or champagne to enjoy during lunch.  We both with the Allagash White and it seemed to pair pretty well with everything…although I really just chose it because I had so much fun at the Allagash Brewery recently ; )


Next up she made a goat cheese and roasted red pepper stuffed chicken breast.  I love goat cheese so this was something I would definitely attempt to make in the future.  She also made a salad arugala, sliced almonds and a quince dressing.  It was citrusy, light & refreshing…it would be a good lunch idea.



Last but not least was dessert!  She made a strawberry cheesecake semifreddo and it was to die for…I will definitely be trying this at home!  I was a little nervous because I’m not a huge fan of cheesecake, but this was more like a frozen ice cream treat and you could taste the freshness of the strawberries.  It also seemed like a relatively easy recipe!



After the class was done, we did a bit of shopping.  You get a 10% discount off of items in the cooking store school so we took advantage of that and used the rest of our gift cards.  I purchased some chips & Mango Lime salsa for a dinner party tonight as well as a few other items which I will share soon.

I absolutely loved the class & would highly recommend trying one!  We are already looking into scheduling our next one.  Definitely a fun girls day out, or a fun date with your s.o.

Enjoy your Saturday nights ❤



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