Girls night in…and out

Saturday night I had an amazing night with bride to be Sara & fellow bridesmaid (and work-out partner!) Alysia. Sara made lots of wonderful food, starting with spinach artichoke dip.


It was delicious!   I brought some chips and salsa from Stonewall, and we of course had some wine.


I never thought I liked red wine but it’s really started to grow on me in the last year.  Sara introduced me to one called “The Show” at a wine tasting a while ago and I love it!  She was nice enough to break it out for me again : )


Sara also made us some delicious enchiladas.  We were quite spoiled!


After dinner we addressed all of the save the dates!  And then decided to go out on the town and celebrate.  Sa convinced me to try a drink with Jameson & Pomegranate Liquor…something I never would have chosen but it was AMAZING.


We went to one more bar afterwards and I got some sort of gin drink with a sangria floater…whatever that means : )  It was good, but not as good as my first drink!


I went to bed far too late (had to get up very early to coach at a swim meet) but it was absolutely worth it.  Such a fun night with wonderful friends.

Update: I did the Jillian Michaels dvd and I can’t walk….like my legs are legit shaking.  And it only took 30 min.  That is my kind of work-out! xo


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