Phantom Feature: Silly’s

As soon as we decided to go to Portland, I knew we’d be making a trip to Silly’s.  Not only is it a phantom restaurant, but it was highly recommended to me by a Portland resident who I used to work with.


Based on the description in our phantom book, we had decided we would try one of their famous milkshakes (peanut butter & bacon? yes, please), but we ended up being too full!  We started with an appetizer of sweet potato fries with honey mustard dipping sauce (sorry forgot to take a pic, we were hungry and it was delicious!).  They were so good!  I don’t always like sweet potato fries, especially if they are topped with maple syrup or something else sweet…however, I love honey mustard and it definitely balanced out the sweetness.

Our dinners were amazing & the portions were huge!  We each ended up taking half home.



My dish was a cheesy pasta bake with chicken and spicy chorizo sausage.  The sausage was my favorite part, it was so flavorful and had a great kick to it.  I loved everything about it and enjoyed it for lunch on Monday as well.Image

Chris (yes the bf has a name) got the slop bucket…enough said.

Our waitress for the night was adorable and told us what spots to go to while in town.  We decided we’d love to come back to Silly’s and try their milkshakes…but Portland would be more fun in the summer when walking to dinner didn’t mean walking as quickly as you can in twenty degree weather!  If you’re in the area definitely check it out.


What’s your favorite course?  Appetizer, main meal, dessert?

I enjoy apps but usually prefer the main meal…depends on the restaurant


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