Fashion Friday

Happy Friday!  Well since I did a bit of a fashion Thursday, I decided I’d start fashion friday off with my latest at home manicure…not quite fashion but it certainly brightens my day and makes me feel better overall…also my manicure happens to match the coral pants I’m rocking today at my internship (the ones I mentioned yesterday).  


As you may have caught on, I’m highly influenced by Pinterest…this goes for all aspects of my life.  I’ve been inspired recently to paint my ring finger a different color.  I went to get my nails done and did pale pink with a silver ring finger around Valentine’s day…I liked the look but the pink was too pale and I wanted to try out a brighter version.  


I love Essie’s “cute as a button” so I knew that would be my main color, and after seeing a pin that I loved I decided to go with gold for the accent color.  Don’t mind the stubby nails, I’m working on it : )  It was easy to do and adds such a fun element to a simple manicure.  Happy painting!


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