Marg time

So my coral pants were a hit…after I made a change to my top!  I wore them with a black ruffle top long sleeve tee and black sweater to my internship, but when I got home I decided to go with a grey tank and grey and white striped sweater. Oh and a headband of course…it’s rare to see me without one!


I also rocked my pink Kate Spade bracelet that I love!!


My sister and I decided to use a Living Social deal I bought for a local mexican restaurant…only to find out later that it is national margarita day!


I went with the Jalapeno Berry margarita and it was soo good.  Definitely had a spicy kick to it but still had the raspberry sweetness.


I didn’t love my dinner : (  I went with the club quesadilla, and it was too meaty…the flavor of ham was overpowering.  I should have known better than to order that at a mexican restaurant!!


So since I still had some room, and it was right down the street, we had to make a stop at orange leaf to get some frozen yogurt.  They had a new flavor that I had to try, snicker doodle! I went with a mix of snicker doodle and peanut butter and I’m so glad I did.  For toppings I went with cookie dough, reeses peanut butter cups and peanut butter sauce.  


The perfect ending to a great night ❤


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