Just wanted to check in, I’m watching the Oscars right now, I was pretty into it this year…Chris & I tried to watch most of the movies and we did pretty well.  I even printed out some ballots so the fam and I could vote for our faves and play along.


So far I’ve only gotten six right!  

I spent the rest of my afternoon watching Downton Abbey, season 3…I’m obviously hooked, although the last episode (episode 4) had an unexpected twist that I wasn’t very happy about.




Lastly, I wanted to check in about my work-outs.  Last weekend I wrote that my goal was to work out three times this week, well guess what…I worked out FIVE TIMES.  Who am I?? I did Jillian Michaels on Mon, Tues and Sat and worked out with Alysia running/biking for 30 min and doing some arm weights on Weds/Sun.  I’m hoping to keep up the momentum going into this week, I definitely feel pretty good although I wish I could see the results a little more quickly : )  Hope everyone has a great Monday. xo



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