Coffee is my friend…and other random thoughts

So I haven’t had coffee in three days….and I feel like my head might explode!  I haven’t had any stomachaches, but I’ve had a massive headache and I don’t have any real reason to link coffee to my random stomachaches.  Living without coffee is not worth the headaches…I may switch to half caf so I’m less dependent, who knows?


In other news, got my haircut tonight.  Not a whole lot, but since my hair is curly it always feels a little dramatic at first ; )  Also, I always wait WAY too long and so I need to get a legit cut when I go!

My sisters and I are sitting here watching re-runs of Ridiculousness.  It’s one of my favorite shows and Chris and I almost pee our pants every time.  If you’re having a rough day watch an episode.



What is up with this rain/snow??  Seriously I can’t handle it!  Spring needs to come already.  Supposedly the totals went from 8-12 down to 3-6, let’s hope so.  Warm weather where are you?

Today was day two of the new job, I really like it so far, just need to get settled!

Enjoy your Friday xo


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