Spring where are you??

Umm 3-6 inches did not happen, wtf?!



I couldn’t open the front door!



Today is my sister’s birthday so we had to get out of the house!


Happy 24th birthday! Sorry for the cray cray blizzard : )  We also got our nails done.



What up St. Patty’s…yeah that happened!!  I was going for teal but he told me it would be too light so what up kelly green?!?


Yes I had coffee today, I love it. I can’t give it up. Yes that’s my other sister Jessie in the background.  She’s absurd.



Ellie loved the snow!  At first she was like what the heck…then she ran out at full speed and made herself a path.  She’s fabulous.  Tonight I’m going to visit one of bff’s in Norwood to get dinner and have a slumber party since her hubby is away : )  My other besties, Pat & Gwen, made my day today because they got Jay Z & JTT tickets at Fenway!! Ahhhhhh, I can’t. even. wait.  Happy Friday!!





One thought on “Spring where are you??

  1. I’m proud of you for going even a few days without coffee! I have a headache just thinking about that! Also, super jealous of your JT/Jay-Z tix, that is going to be so fun!

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