Long time no chat!

Hello, I’ve been so busy lately that every time I go to start a post, I call it a night and go to bed instead!  This is my first full week at work and I’m exhausted (and by full I mean 2 days a week until May…still its crazy).  Today I had 3 clients to meet and I’m spent…and tomorrow I have 8!!  I’m not complaining though, I’m definitely enjoying things.  I had a very fun St. Paddy’s, it is honestly one of my favorite holidays.  At Holy Cross, it was literally the biggest day of the year…and I try to keep that tradition alive.  Here a few pics to capture my celebrations:

Me and Gwen at the last stop on our bar crawlImage

The adorable Pat & Gwen, two of my best friends in the world



On the actual St. Paddy’s, post waking up early to coach my kiddos at a swim meet….Ellie loves this holiday too ; )  Fuzzy pic but I couldn’t resist.



And a fun cocktail to end a great weekend- Jameson & Gingerale



Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, I’ll try to be back more regularly!





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