I will never turn down Mexican…

Recently, Gwen offered to make me dinner so that we could catch up on Revenge!  She also made us margaritas with fresh squeezed juices.  How could I resist?? So amazing!



She also made us enchiladas.  They were so delicious!  I’ve almost made enchiladas about five times in the last few months and always changed my mind at the last minute…needless to say I was excited.



We also had some Spanish rice and refried beans on the side.



I mean really, how lucky am I?  Also, we are addicted to Revenge.  Does anyone else watch?  This season has gotten really intense, I can’t wait for this weekends episode.  If you haven’t started watching, it would definitely be worth trying to catch up on Hulu and Netflix!  It’s one of the few shows I make sure to watch each week and it is a fun excuse for us to have a girls night every week.  Happy almost Friday!



One thought on “I will never turn down Mexican…

  1. What a fun girls night! I love Revenge!! I usually watch it on nights hubs is out of the house but don’t get to have fun drinks until well after this season is over 😉

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