And she did it again…

Jillian Michaels kicked my butt today, again.  I ordered two new DVD’s of hers from Amazon and the package came yesterday. Although I wanted to stay curled up in my pjs, I decided to try one and figured an ab workout couldn’t be too tough….boy was I wrong.

ImageIt was SO hard.  But yet I think I really liked it.  It is so much more than an ab workout and I was surprised by the variety of moves we did.  Of course we did some crunches, and plank work.  But we also did burpees and some HIIT training, mountain climbers and some other different moves.  It was exhausting, and at one point I wanted to give up (I may have sat out for a min on the second set of side planks).  However, it was only 35 minutes and the time flew by.  You complete the circuit and then you repeat most of the exercises again.  She keeps it moving and before you know it, the workout is over.  The true test will be how I feel tomorrow…I also got her newer DVD, Hard Body.  I will be back with update on that when I try it.  I had a really fun girls night last night and tried a new recipe which I will give you soon!  Off to bed!


One thought on “And she did it again…

  1. Every time I do one of her workouts I am sore for days but it feels great 🙂 you have been kicking butt in the workouts department lately! Good for you!

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