Salad beast

A lot of blogs that I read talk about how they like to make “salad beasts” and I’d never quite gotten into that concept…but last night I had a huge, amazing salad that hit the spot.



In fact, I was so excited that I stirred together the ingredients before I had a chance to take a picture!  I was able to catch one pic that showed some of the ingredients, but I included: mixed greens, turkey, parmesan, sunflower seeds and a few croutons.



I just added a little olive oil for the dressing and it totally hit the spot.  My only fail was that the avocado I bought was not ripe!  Avocado is my favorite food right now, I love it.  I’m definitely doing this again, it kept me very full and satisfied.  I made a smaller version for lunch today and I can’t wait to eat it.  I’ll be doing a weekend recap post soon!


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