Taco Pasta

Well this recap from last weekend is a bit late, but better late than never.  I made a Taco Pasta recipe, courtesy of Mix and Match Mama, and it was a huge hit at girls night.  I took some pics along the way.  These are the ingredients that I needed:


The recipe itself was fairly simple.  I browned the meat while I cooked the pasta.


Next, my lovely sister helped me grate some cheese, it’s seriously one of my least favorite kitchen tasks : )


Once the meat was ready, I added in the taco seasoning, cream cheese, salsa, corn and half of the grated cheese.


Once the pasta was ready, I added in the meat mixture and then put the whole thing in a glass baking dish.


The last step is to cover the mixture with the remaining cheese and pop it in the oven for 15 min to get everything melty and delicious.


The perfect quick and easy meal for a girls night dinner.  I would definitely make this dish again!


One thought on “Taco Pasta

  1. That looks so yummy (minus the beef for me!) I may be stealing this one from you and swapping out the meat for a lg can of black beans 🙂

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