Sweat Everyday

April is a good month.  It is my birthday month, to start!  My birthday is also my last day of class, and the last day of April is the last day of my internship.  I will also be lucky enough to spend a weekend catching up with my college girls who I haven’t seen in far to long.  And finally, it also means that I can officially say that I will see my wonderful boyfriend next month!!  It’s about time ❤

I’ve been seeing the phrase “sweat everyday” a lot on Pinterest lately and it has stuck with me.  Since today is the first day of April, I’ve decided to set a challenge for myself…My goal is to sweat 26 out of the 30 days in April.  That gives me one rest day per week…and 26 is fitting since I will be turning 26 in less than 2 weeks!  I started day one off with a Zumba class…it definitely kicked my butt.  I am also going to make a few other changes, such as upping my water intake.  I love my Camelbak and it makes it a lot easier to drink water all day.  I’m shooting for 3-4 full bottles per day.


I’m also going to try to get up tomorrow and make a big breakfast, and shoot for smaller meals as the day goes on.  I’m hoping these changes will make me feel better and will help me to see the results of my sweaty month of April : )  


One thought on “Sweat Everyday

  1. What a great challenge 🙂 I like how you gave yourself some rest days/wiggle room! You may just inspire me to get my Preggo butt in motion this month!

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