Weekend Fun

This weekend was crazy but fun!  I only have one more weekend of class…EVER.  Friday night before class I met up with my friend Elizabeth and her adorable daughter Leah for dinner at Chili’s.  We had a blast and I got some delicious quesadillas.  After class I met up with Gwen for drink at Brasserie 28 and both got the “High Heel” martini.  Our drinks were amazing.  I completely forgot to take a pic of my drink but I did get a menu shot…


Today I met some friends for breakfast and tried to organize my life for the week.  I’m currently in bed watching breakfast wars and may be going to bed before 9:30…But first let me do a re-cap of week one of my exercise challenge!

Monday: Zumba class

Tues:  Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown

Weds: Jillian Michaels 6 Weeks to a 6 Pack

Thurs: Yoga Meltdown

Friday: Rest

Sat: One hour walk with Gwen

Sun: Zumba class

So far I’m on track to complete my goal!  This week is going to more of a challenge because I have a lot of schoolwork and a dinner date but I know I can make it happen!!


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