Green Tea Lemonade

Green tea lemonade…aka my new obsession!  I ordered it on a whim at Starbucks recently and have been craving it ever since.  So I decided to make my own.

ImageThe above picture shows all the ingredients you need!  I filled the pitcher with hot water up to about the one quart line.  I chose Red Goji and Raspberry, hoping for a sweeter tea.


I added four tea bags and let them steep for about ten minutes.  Next, I filled the pitcher with an equal amount of cold water and removed the tea bags.  


Serve over ice with a splash of lemonade to sweeten.  So refreshing and delicious.


I have enjoyed several glasses since and I am excited to play around with the recipe to see if I can make it any better!



I tried to give up coffee a few weeks ago, or at least take a break, but I couldn’t because I had no replacement.  Green tea has caffeine, although not as much as coffee, so it’s much easier than going cold turkey!  And it’s much cheaper than an ice coffee a day : )


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