Always down for Mexican

Last night Chris and I were debating between making dinner and going out…then I suggested Mexican, and he was immediately sold!


We headed to Casablanca in North Andover, MA.  They are probably in the middle range of my fave mexican restaurants.  Agave in Newburyport will always be my number one.


I went with the Jalapeno Berry Margarita.  It was pretty good but didn’t quite have the kick I was hoping for!  It was definitely more fruity.


The chips came with three salsas that were awesome.  The green was my favorite, almost like thinner guac.  Chris liked the brown salsa the best which had beans in it.


For dinner i decided to try a chimichanga for the first time.  I chose ground beef and it was topped with chile con queso.  It was really good.  The veggies on the side, not so good, although not sure what I was expecting haha. 


Chris tried the enchilada trio and also really liked it.  We ran into his Mom who was there for a baby shower…that’s my kind of shower!! I’m off to get ready for Sara’s Bachelorette weekend.  I’m very excited : )  Off to Newport, RI…see you next week!


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