Pics from July

Umm where did this past month go?  I had the best intentions of posting but life got in the way!  I’ve been enjoying the gorgeous weather and less time at work.  I also passed my LCSW exam and was a bridesmaid this past weekend at one of my best friends weddings.  So needless to say I have lots of catching up to do.  Here are a few pics of what I’ve been up to this past month.


Jessie’s birthday!


Rose’s from Chris’ garden


Backgammon poolside w/ jalapeno cocktails!


My favorite summer drink…1/2 pomegranate iced tea & 1/2 arnold palmer


Blurry…but checkers outside at Cracker Barrel on a giant board

ImageLots of studying for my LCSW exam…so glad it’s over!


Celebratory watermelon sangria!


Our crazy Daisy.


Ellie turned 10!!


Surprise date in Portsmouth…more to come on that : )


And last but certainly not least, Sara got married last weekend!  She was absolutely stunning and I’ll be doing a re-cap soon ❤


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