An easier way…

I’m always looking for newer, easier ways to save money.  I’ve shared with you my $5 savings plan, and recently started another savings plan I discovered on Pinterest called the “52 week money challenge”.  Essentially, you save the dollar amount for each week of the year, $1-$52.  Some people go in order, which makes for a tough end of the year.  I opted to just choose how much I wanted to save each week and check it off.  By the end of the year you should have $1,378!!  I made my own checklist but if you click here you can find a template to print.


I recently received an adorable zip pouch from a swimmer I used to coach and thought it would be a fun place to store my savings.  You could also use a mason jar, old candle jar or any other envelope/container you have around!


 Every Sunday I put what I have in my wallet and I have $70 so far!  I’m hoping to use mine towards a fabulous vacation, but no matter what I decide I know I won’t regret trying this out.

Happy Savings!


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