JT/Jay Z…Legends of Summer

So this weekend we went to a legendary concert, with two of the best performers we’ve grown up listening to..


To say we had fun would be an understatement.  We got to Boston nice and early to partake in some day drinking and started things off right at the Yard House.



We took advantage of the sunshine and took a few more pics..


ImageNext we moved on to one of our favorite places of all time…the Baseball Tavern.  It is located right near Fenway and we have gone here many times before Red Sox games and after the Phantom Gourmet Food Festival.


We took a fam photo and then ended up meeting some people from 96.9.


They were giving out red sunglasses which were taken from me shortly after this pic by someone in our group ; )



We had some lunch, took some selfies and then headed over the Fenway.


We got to the stadium right around 7 and the concert started closer to 8:30.  We had heard from people who went the night before that they started late so we weren’t too surprised.  We had great seats and although we couldn’t see there faces up close, we had a great angle and they put everything up on big screens next to the stage anyways!

stage dark out

We had SO much fun, dancing and singing along.  They put on a great show and I would definitely go see them again.  They even convinced Chris, who was not really a fan of concerts, that they are actually a blast…we danced the night away and he asked me what our next concert will be haha.  Well I’m off to do some work…happy hump day.


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