Fitness Find

I felt inspired to write tonight after getting my butt kicked by a Pinterest workout that I thought seemed “easy”.  Boy was I wrong.  As I sat nibbling on a square of Ghiradelli mint cookie chocolate (OMG delicious), a find from my latest Birch Box (post to come) I was ready to curl up in my PJ’s and settle in for some blog reading and house hunters….However, I decided to go through my recent pins to find a quick workout.  Well, it was pretty quick, only took me about 22 minutes total and I was challenged for sure…almost gave up on those lunges ; )  Here’s what I did:


I will certainly be heading over to this blog to see if she’s come up with any more fun workouts.  I must say I accidentally forgot to do the burpees the first time around, and intentionally “forgot” the second time which was a much needed mistake haha.  Next time I’ll add them in…I swear..

I was actually in a decent amount of pain because Monday morning I started going back to barre class.  I’m at a new studio and I definitely liked the class although I’m not quite used to their format yet and am thinking I like the other studio better.  However, I bought a group-on and am going to stick it out for a while.  Enjoy your workouts!  Anyone do anything sweaty/fun this week that I should try?  xoxo



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