Happy 2014!

Hello, this seems to be a bit of a pattern…but long time no see!  One of my goals for the new year is to spend more time keeping track of all the fun events that happen.  I’m a huge picture person, and am going to attempt to start some scrap booking, but I’m hoping to capture more day to day activities on here.  I had an amazing time kicking off the New Year with my wonderful boyfriend and my best friends from college.  Our New Years Eve’s are always a little complicated (in the best way possible) and this year we had a New Years Eve/26th Birthday/Going away party…with a London theme.  Got that? Two of our best friends are moving to London this weekend and as excited as we are for them, we are so sad to see them go!  But hey, it gave us an excuse to wear fascinators and talk in British accents…Here are a few pictures to capture the fun we had, and I will be back soon to catch you up on some Birch Boxes as well as to outline some organizational/personal goals I have for the new year.  (don’t mind the blurry iphone pics…just got a new charger for camera so hopefully will be using it much more!) xo










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