Smutty Nose Brewery

Saturday Gwen and I met up at the gym, and then decided to head to a local brewery tour.  We settled on Smutty Nose, located in Hampton NH.  Both the boys were busy so we went solo, but we will definitely be bringing them back with us soon!  We found out that the facility had only been open for 5 weeks, after recently relocating from Portsmouth, NH.


The tour was extremely informative, the tour guide clearly knew what he was talking about, and pointed out all of the ways that the brewery is trying to be environmentally friendly.  We walked throughout the whole facility as he explained how the brewing process worked.


He also explained the packaging process and how this new facility will be producing higher quality tasting beer.


The brewery was named after one of the Isles of Shoals off the coast of Maine.  According to legend, one of the islands jutted out in a way that looked like a nose.  This nose was often covered in seaweed and the sailors passing by thought it looked “smutty” thus giving the island the nickname “Smutty Nose”.  The mascot of the brewery is an adorable seal.b4


Next came the fun part, the tasting!  We were all given the Shoals Pale Ale to start, as it was the first brew they ever made.  Then we were able to choose 3 more pours.


My favorites were the Frankenlager and the Bouncy IPA.  The Frankenlager had pineapple and sage in it which gave it a really unique flavor.


Gwen and I each took home a squealer of beer, essentially half the size of a growler.  I chose the Frankenlager and she went with the Farmhouse Ale.  As a thank you, our tour guide gave us a card for a free beer at the Portsmouth Brewery, where Chris and I went for lunch last summer.


I’m hoping to get there again soon too, possibly this weekend!  Finally, the tour guide filled us in on lots of fun happenings that are in development.  When the property was purchased, there was an old farmhouse which the brewery moved to the other side of the property and is going to use a restaurant opening in late October/early November!  They also purchased a trailer which they plan on making into a food truck/beer garden.  Finally, they plan on opening frisbee golf as well.  Lots of reasons to come back again, not least of which is the delicious and unique beer.  I’d highly recommend going here if you’re in the area!


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